Private Tour - Get to know the secret of Asakusa! Shrine and Temple Tour

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Seven gods give you the best of luck. Feel the 400 years history
There are many temples and shrines with a long history and interesting characteristics in Asakusa where the common culture of Edo flourished. It was believed that since the seven disasters would be eliminated by visiting shrines where the seven gods enshrined, and visitors would receive seven happiness.
Even in Japan today, visiting temples and shrines is a secret boom. At each shrine, you can get a red stamp as a sign of worship, so you can enjoy collecting red stamps. This attractiveness has become popular and is attracting the attention of young people.
In this tour, you will go around Asakusa and visit seven shrines. You can see not only the Sensoji but also the quiet and calm city!
-By visiting 7 temples and shrines, you can receive the best of luck. It is sure to be a good trip!
-You can collect handwritten "red stamps" given to worshipers. The different designs of each shrine will surely be a memorial to your trip.
-By visiting each temple and shrine, you can go around Asakusa. It is recommended for those who want to enjoy the atmosphere of downtown.
This is a private tour that can be booked for 1-6 people. You can enjoy the tour at your own pace and not with other attendees.



10:00- Meet at Tokyo Metro Ginza Line Asakusa Station (G19) Exit 1 Tokyo Metro Ginza Line Asakusa Station (G19) Exit 1
10:20-10:45 25(min) Matsuchiyama Shoden This is a temple famous for health, good relations, and marital relations, and represents the prosperous business. Of the seven deities of good fortune, "Bishamonten", the god that gives good fortune and courage, is enshrined.
10:50-11:05 15(min) Imado Shrine This shrine is famous as the birthplace of Maneki Neko, and there are Maneki Neko everywhere! It is a shrine where many female worshipers have the luck of marriage. Among the seven deities of good fortune, the deity of good luck, property and health, "Fukurokuju" is enshrined.
11:20-11:40 20(min) Hashibafudo-son A small, simple temple where you can feel the beauty of the architectural style of the Edo period. Among the seven deities of good fortune, "Hotei-son", the deity of good fortune and good luck, is enshrined.
12:00-12:40 40(min) Baigetsu All the customers repeat to eat soba noodles here. It is a Soba restaurant, which has a traditional atmosphere loved by locals. In addition to soba, there are udon and rice bowls. Enjoy a Japanese meal.
12:50-13:10 75(min) Yoshiwara Shrine This is the only female god of the seven deities, that enshrines "Benzaiten". It is said to fulfill various wishes of women and is said to have particularly the luck for art and marriage.
13:15-13:35 20(min) Otori Shrine This is a shrine with a gorgeous and large rake, which is famous for holding the "Rooster Market" where the lucky rakes are sold. The symbol is the mask used in Japanese Noh, "Okame-san". Let's stroke the giant turtle! Among the seven deities of good fortune, the God of good health and longevity, the "Jurojin," is enshrined.
13:55-14:15 20(min) Asakusa Shrine Asakusa Shrine, which has a deep relationship with the famous sightseeing spot "Sensoji Temple", is dedicated to "Ebisu," which is one of the seven lucky deities of good fortune and good luck. This is the shrine that holds the three major festivals in Tokyo.
14:20-15:00 40(min) Sensoji Temple It is the oldest temple in Tokyo with a large red lantern that is a symbol of Asakusa. The beautiful vermillion landscape is spectacular and has become a famous tourist spot that most tourists visit here. On Nakamise-Dori, which leads to the main shrine, many souvenirs unique to Japan are on sale! Among the seven deities of good fortune, Daikokuten is enshrined at Sensoji Temple.
15:05-15:25 20(min) Asakusa Nakamise Shopping Street Let's walk the Nakamise Shopping Street, which is the busiest area in Asakusa. We will guide you through the recommended shops where you can buy souvenirs and eat famous local foods. Don't forget to take a photo near the Kaminarimon gate as well!


Remarks:[Conducting Company]
Otomo Inc.
3F Mitomi Building, 3-13-3 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo
[Reception Method]
At reception, please show your reservation confirmation sheet, a printout of the reservation confirmation e-mail, or show the e-mail on your mobile device screen to staff.
[Operation Conditions/Tour Conditions]
-If you do not arrive at the specified starting place after 60 minutes from the agreed meeting time, the tour will be considered canceled. (No Show100%)
-Entrance fees, transportation fees, meal fees, activity fees, etc.
(At least about JPY 4400 per person)
[Exemptions/Itinerary Guarantee: Itinerary/Destinations]
On Sundays, the spot "Baigetsu" will be closed. Also, please note that other spots may be changed to other spots in case of the temporary closure.
[Important Notes/Supplements: Meeting/Pick-up/Pick-up Location]
-Tokyo Metro Ginza Line Asakusa Station (G19) Exit 1
-The tour guide will have a welcome board with otomo logo.
[Important Notes/Supplements: What to Wear/Bring]
Please wear comfortable clothing.