Kumamoto Musashi Tour: All About Legendary Swordsman Miyamoto Musashi

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1. This tour takes a deep dive into the life of Miyamoto Musashi, a legendary swordsman said to have been undefeated in 60 duels!
2. Head to the cave where Miyamoto Musashi retreated and wrote about swordsmanship and martial arts in general in The Book of Five Rings.
3. Visit the grave where Miyamoto Musashi is said to have been buried.
4. Tour around an art museum where several items related to this famous swordsman, such as his swords and portraits, are on display.
5. About Infection Countermeasures:
- Hired car interiors are disinfected and sterilized.
- Drivers, guides, and assistants conduct health checks and disinfection before boarding, and wear face masks throughout the tour.
- Infection countermeasures are in place at tour destinations.



13:50-14:00 Pick-up at Specified Hotel in the City Please show your reservation confirmation sheet at reception. Please arrive at least 10 minutes before the departure time.
14:15-15:00 45(min) Shimada Museum of Art Many items related to Miyamoto Musashi are kept here. Look forward to seeing swords said to have been owned by Miyamoto Musashi, as well as portraits such as those of this legendary swordsman and that of his duel with rival Sasaki Kojiro at Ganryujima. Enjoy a guided tour by the director along with explanations from the National Government Licensed English Guide Interpreter. (If the director is unavailable, the guide will provide explanations.)
15:10-15:30 20(min) Nishi-no-Musashizuka In the family grave of Terao Nobuyuki, one of Miyamoto Musashi's students, there is a natural rock inscribed with characters for "Harunobu Koji." Harunobu is Musashi's real name, and Koji is the title for a man who devotes himself to Buddhism without becoming a priest. Terao Nobuyuki's brother, Terao Magonojo, is said to have been Musashi's most important student, and to whom the manuscript of The Book of Five Rings was given.
There are several places in Kumamoto City that are thought to be Musashi's grave. There is a theory that only his sword was buried in the grave in Tatsuda, and that his body was actually buried in the Terao family grave, so this tour will visit the Nishi-no-Musashizaka, "The Western Grave of Miyamoto Musashi."
16:00-17:00 60(min) Reigando (in Unganzen-ji Temple) Spending his last 5 years in Kumamoto, Miyamoto Musashi retreated to the Reigando cave and composed The Book of Five Rings. The Book of Five Rings is a text on the essentials of the art of war, such as secret techniques of swordsmanship.
Take a moment to imagine the legendary samurai in this cave, and spend some time meditating. At Unganzen-ji Temple, a swordsmanship display by Musashi's disciples and The Five Hundred Disciples of Buddha can be viewed. The Five Hundred Disciples of Buddha (Gohyaku Rakan) are a large number of stone statues, each distinctly shaped like disciples of Buddha, placed alongside a narrow path on the rocky mountainside from Unganzen-ji Temple to Reigando.
*In case of inclement weather, the meditation experience will not be held in the cave; instead it will be in a hall in Unganzen-ji Temple.
-18:00 Drop-off at Specified Hotel in the City Tour ends after customers are dropped off at a specified hotel via hired car.


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[Operation Conditions/Tour Conditions]
- If the minimum number of participants (1) is not met by 7 days before the scheduled date, the tour on that date may be canceled.
- The tour will proceed even in case of rain.
- To prevent infection, please participate wearing face masks.
- On the day of the tour, a health check will be conducted. Those who do not feel well may not be allowed to participate.
- The above are subject to change depending on the infection status. Please be sure to follow the guide's instructions.
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[Important Notes/Supplements: What to Wear/Bring]
- Please participate in shoes and clothes which are easy to walk in. As some locations require shoes to be taken off, please wear or bring socks.
- In case of inclement weather, the meditation experience will not be held in the cave; instead it will be in a hall in Unganzen-ji Temple.
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