60th Anniversary.With heartfelt to yo for 60 years,we journey together onward to the future.
60th Anniversary

Thanks to everyone’s support, JTB Sunrise Tours will be celebrating 60 years of business operation in March 2024.

Since operation began in 1964, we have welcomed millions of participants to our tours from countries all over the world in cooperation with travel agents and business partners.
We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all who have supported us as we carry out initiatives commemorating our 60th anniversary.

Setting the theme “New Journeys, New Discoveries - Inspiring Experiences to Last a Lifetime,” JTB Sunrise Tours continues onward to the next decade.
With gratitude for 60 years, we will continue our journey together with you towards the future.


60th Anniversary Video

60 Years of Sunrise Tours

Operation of Sunrise Tours begins. Local package tours in various locations are operated under the same “Sunrise Tours” brand, the name used for organized tours for international travelers.
Decision to use a logo resembling an Aztec sun god.
Since Sunrise Tours operation started, cumulative sales force exceeds 3 million people.
Holds “Sunrise Tsukuba Expo ‘85” during the period of International Exhibition held in Tsukuba, operating a total of 1,200 buses from Tokyo.
With the rising number of international travelers transiting at Narita Airport, begins sales of “See Japan in Three Hours” tour which visits Naritasan Shinsho-ji Temple and the Sakura City National Museum of Japanese History in around 3 hours.
Begins the Visit Japan Campaign based on the “Yokoso! Japan” slogan alongside the Japanese government’s inbound tourism campaign declared in 2003 to attract 10 million visitors by 2010.
Announcement of the “Japanese Culture” series of Sunrise Tours experience plans in cooperation with Hato Bus.
Sales of “Hands-On Japan!” winter-exclusive tours begins.
Announcement of “Experience Japan” tour products geared for repeat visitors from Asian countries. Begins sales on JAPANiCAN.com, a website for booking accommodations and tours for international travelers.
Sunrise Tours celebrates 50 years. Begins offering free Wi-Fi service on board all bus tours round-trip from Tokyo as part of the commemorative project.
“Experience Japan” brand merges with Sunrise Tours.
Announcement of Rikkyo University and JTB’s jointly planned tour products, “Shibazakura Viewing, Strawberry Picking & Kawagoe Stroll” and “National Museum of Western Art & Ueno Walking Tour.”
Forced cancellation of tour operations for about 2 years due to immigration restrictions as a result of the pandemic.
During the pandemic, begins sales of virtual tours visiting places such as Mt. Fuji, Hakone, Mt. Takao, Kyoto, Shizuoka, and Kumamoto.
July Starts sales of Sunrise Tours package tours with tour conductor for international visitors (guided tours) based on the guidelines for the country’s reopening to inbound tourism set by the Japan Tourism Agency.
October As the ban on independent international travelers to Japan has been lifted, begins sales of accommodation plans and day-trip tours set for January to December 2023, after an interval of two years.
Sustainable Tourism initiatives awarded with Honorable Mention in Cooperation Category of the 1st JATA SDGs Award.
Sunrise Tours operation reaches 60 years.


Sunrise Tours 60th
Anniversary Celebration Tours

At JTB Sunrise Tours, we will be launching sales of new tours commemorating our 60th anniversary in 2024.

Part 1
〜 Relishing the Present 〜

[Sunrise Tours 60th Anniversary] 1-Day Mystery Tour! Journey of Seasonal Surprises and New Discoveries (From Shinjuku)
image of 1-Day Mystery Tour
Exciting Bus Tour: Surprise Destinations Revealed on the Day!

Throughout Japan, there are yet many regions filled with hidden charms which remain largely unknown among international visitors. As Sunrise Tours approaches its 60th anniversary, we seize this opportunity to take on the challenge of creating anew a Tokyo-departing bus tour that takes customers to charm-filled spots they have yet to discover.
This tour’s destinations feature the themes of scenic spot, seasonal beauty, and fruits. Look forward to finding out the mystery tour destinations right on the departure date!
Delight in the feeling of excitement as you imagine where the tour will take you.

Tour Details

Part 2
〜 Reflecting on the Past 〜

Revel in More of Japan’s Allure with a Long Tour (Sales from November)
Japan, Overflowing with Charm!

Looking back on 60 years of Sunrise Tours operations, we have arranged the original course into a modern version based on the brand concept “New Journeys, New Discoveries.”
When Sunrise Tours began operating in 1964, the tour had a 10-day itinerary that included the popular sightseeing spots of Tokyo, Nikko, Hakone, Kyoto, and Nara, as well as Kurashiki and Takamatsu in the Seto Inland Sea area.
This time, the tour planned to be newly released is set to visit Kanazawa, Shirakawago, and Takayama, places brimming with a richly historical atmosphere, as well as include content that lets customers further revel in the charms of the Seto Inland Sea area.
Preparations are underway for sales from November, so don’t miss it!



As Sunrise Tours celebrates 60 years, we will further promote new sustainable tourism initiatives that will lead us to the future, and create opportunities for international visitors to Japan to discover and connect with the hidden charms of local regions.

Establishing Fresh Inbound Tourism Routes

To every corner of Japan! Creating a New Influx of International Travelers

map of Inbound Tourism Routes
Kyushu Authentic Route
Kyushu Authentic Route

Route featuring cultural experiences, gourmet experiences, and activities in Fukuoka City, Kumamoto City, and Kagoshima City

Setouchi Scenic View Route
Setouchi Scenic View Route

Route visiting Hiroshima, Miyajima, Matsuyama, Shimanami Kaido, Takamatsu, and Naoshima (round trip from Kyoto or Osaka)

Hiroshima, Miyajima
Shimanami Kaido
Watch on Youtube
Rainbow Route
Rainbow Rout

Route visiting Tokyo, Kanazawa and Kyoto regarding the opening of Hokuriku Shinkansen new route in March 2024.

Watch on Youtube
Hokkaido Route
Coming soon
Tohoku Route
Coming soon

Adventure Tourism

Sunrise Tours Adventure Tourism products feature two or more of the following elements: activity, nature, and cultural experience.

Real Kyoto Back Street Guided Cycling Tour
Real Kyoto Back Street Guided Cycling Tour
Tour Details
Mt. Fuji, Hakone & Hot Spring +Hakone Hachiri Trekking Challenge Tour
Mt. Fuji, Hakone & Hot Spring +Hakone Hachiri Trekking Challenge Tour
Tour Details
2-Day World Heritage Mt.Fuji Climbing Tour
2-Day World Heritage Mt.Fuji Climbing Tour
Tour Details

Farm Stay Experience with Countryside Stays JAPAN

Contribute to regional revitalization through staying in an agricultural/mountain/fishing village and going on experience activities using the local region’s resources.

3-Day Stay at Iizuka-tei, a Tangible Cultural Property in Tochigi Prefecture
3-Day Stay at Iizuka-tei, a Tangible Cultural Property in Tochigi Prefecture
Tour Details
Hiraizumi Club Private Resort Stay with History & Culture Experience at World Heritage Hiraizumi
Hiraizumi Club Private Resort Stay with History & Culture Experience at World Heritage Hiraizumi
Tour Details
2-Day Stay at Marugayatsu, a 200-Year-Old Japanese-style House in Otaki, Chiba Prefecture
2-Day Stay at Marugayatsu, a 200-Year-Old Japanese-style House in Otaki, Chiba Prefecture
Tour Details

Highest Certification acquired from Travelife, the Leading International Sustainability Certification for the Travel Sector

Travelife Certified Travelife Certified

In March 2022, having been recognized for complying with over 200 standards including environmental conservation efforts and social contribution, JTB Global Marketing & Travel Inc. received as a company and as a brand the Travelife Certified award, the highest certification program from Travelife, an international sustainability certification organization for the travel sector.

3 Categories of Sustainable Tourism Products

Tours on foot and tours by bicycle that lead to reduction of CO₂ emissions on tour; day trip bus tours with carbon offsetting, operating round-trip from Tokyo and Kyoto; etc.
Cross-Cultural Understanding
Tours visiting registered World Heritage sites, offering opportunities to know and learn the local region’s culture, nature, and history; Countryside Stays Japan series of tours with farm stay; etc.
Social Contribution
Plans incorporating gourmet experiences to enjoy food and ingredients locally produced for local consumption, contributing to revitalization of the local economy; tours with a portion of the tour booking charge donated to social projects such as those by local governments; etc.
SDGs spesial website

Spreading the Word on Responsible Travel

At Sunrise Tours, we created a video proposing 9 concrete actions in order to become responsible travelers, and promote its understanding among travelers before their trip. We also encourage customers to use the hashtag #responsibletraveler when posting on social media.

【Responsible Traveler Promotional Video】
【Initiatives for Sustainable Tourism Introduction Video】

Aiming towards sustainable tourism where travelers, regions, and travel agencies are working together, Sunrise Tours will serve as the bridge between local regions and international travelers visiting Japan from all over the world, and contribute to promoting SDGs in the tourism industry as a whole.