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[NEWS] Earthquake in Kumamoto area on January 03, Kyushu JAPAN.


As you may be aware by the news on the media, a strong earthquake struck Kumamoto Prefecture on January 03, Thursday , at 18:10  (Local Time). The earthquake, measuring a magnitude 6 and the Meteorological Agency says, No tsunami warning was issued for this earthquake.

All Groups and Individuals travelling in Kumamoto and the surroundings, handled by JTBGMT, are all confirmed as “safe without any injury” and will continue their remaining journey.
With the exception of limited area in Kyushu Area, the rest of our destination “Japan” is not affected by the earthquake. We kindly ask you to inform your current as well as your future clients with the up dated and correct information of our destination, Japan. We wish that the traffic to our country will not decline due to this natural calamity, and your full support and cooperation is appreciated.

For further detail, please kindly refer to website.

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